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About Us

james lohman
Welcome to the Middle College Academy at Marysville. As the Director of the Middle College Academy, it is my distinct pleasure to serve the students in our local area. 

The Academy is a progressive partnership with Yuba College. The school is located on the campus of Yuba College and our students are dual enrolled as both high school students and college students. The Academy is a rigorous institution that seeks out students who are highly motivated and goal driven, and who are looking for an alternative to a traditional high school experience.

At The Academy, students have the opportunity to complete six years of education in four. By the end of their high school years they will have earned a high school diploma and completed two years of college, focusing on their discipline of choice. This pathway gives students a big head start when transferring to a four-year university, saving both time and considerable money in tuition. For those students who are motivated to earn a national certification in a high-wage, high-skill profession such as industrial manufacturing, nursing or other fields, they can be well on their way to having completed a certification program. 
While at The Academy, students will be able to take advantage of the full resources Yuba College has to offer including access to student tutors, a collegiate library and computer lab, as well as access to a high school counselor and a college counselor to guide them in their course selections. To support our students as much as possible, each student will also have an academic support class each day giving them time to study during the day and learn advanced study skills.  As students progress into their third and fourth years of The Academy, they will have flexibility to enroll in courses offered during the day and/or the evening to accommodate students with multiple responsibilities. 

Middle College Academy
About the Academy

About the Academy

Students who attend the Academy will take some classes throughout the day from MJUSD teachers here on campus, and take other classes from Yuba College.  ALL Freshman college courses are taken in the 700 building (our campus) unless the student decides to take more classes than what is on the academic plan. 
Meal Service
Breakfast and Lunch are provided to each student free of charge by the MJUSD Nutrition Services office.  Breakfast is served before school and at break, and lunch is served daily.  Students also have access to the Yuba College cafeteria if they choose to purchase something in addition. Visit the Nutrition Services Website
Tuition and Books
All college tuition and books for both high school and college are provided by MJUSD. 
Academic Plan 
Students begin their career here at the Academy with Counseling 25 which is a course that allows students to explore their career interests and learn more about themselves as a learner.  After this course is complete each student will meet with a counselor from Yuba College and layout a plan for the college major of thier choice.  The academic plan will then be revised for each student so the high school diploma AND the associates degree of the students choice can be completed in the four years of high school.
See the basic Academic Plan on our Counseling Page 
The calendar for Yuba College and MJUSD do not always line up perfectly.  On days that there are no MJUSD sessions and the college is still open students will need to attend their college course.  On days where there is no Yuba College in session, but MJUSD is offering classes families will have the option to pick up their student early if desired.  
Middle College Academy

Middle College Academy